A conversation with leandra medine

Experience design, e-mail design, typographic layout and collateral design for a night of conversation with Leandra Medine.

A branded event experience


Design Objective

Design a branded event experience inspired by Leandra Medine, the fashion blogger known as The Man Repeller.

Campaign Overview

This is a fictional branded event experience based around the persona and personality of Leandra Medine, the fashion blogger known as The Man Repeller. This event hopes to inspire some of the fashion industry’s top influential talent to embrace the idea of buy less, wear more and start investing in what Leandra Medine calls slow fashion. The event is branded using silverwear a collage of traditional silverware and the body parts humans use to consume fashion. This eccentric visual language alludes to Leandra Medine’s unique persona while also working to intrigue anyone who comes across it. 

Designing For

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Jenna, 30

A popular social media influencer who work to inspire change among her loyal followers within the fashion realm.

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Olivia, 25

Beauty and Fashion Editor at popular media company Bustle, she constantly shares her experiences with her social media  followers and through her writing. 




The event e-vite consists of an animated design that captures the style and personality of The Man Repeller brand. It gives the attendee the basic info  like place, time and location and introduces the unique visual language of the event. 


Event Store Front 

The store-front uses the unique visual language that has been established for this fictional event on a much larger scale. The store-front is a great place for attendees to photograph their experience to share with their followers. 


grab bag and contents

Attendees are given a grab bag of items to help perpetuate and share the ideas talked about during A Conversation with Leandra Medine. The reusable grab bag is branded with the silverwear visual language and consists of a glass water bottle, graphic T-shirt and the first edition of The Arm Party Press, a newspaper consisting of a collection of Leandra Medine’s written work on a variety of different fashion-related topics.


Arm Party press

The Arm Party Press (inspired by Medine’s early claim to fame on Instagram with the hashtag #ArmParty), acts as it’s own experience that attendees will be able to enjoy after they leave the event. The design of the newspaper embodies Leandra Medine, and works to re-think the traditional layout of a newspaper in a similar way to how Medine re-thinks clothing.


In order to experience and read the newspaper in its entirety the reader must interact and rotate the paper in a 360° manner. The stories and ideas that exist within the newspaper are visualized using a variety of different methodologies and form. 

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It was extremely important for me as a designer to have a deep understanding of who Leandra Medine is as a person. This included the way she thinks, commonly used thought process', her likes and dislikes, how she works with color,  and any part of her personality that could influence design decisions. I took the time to really analyze the way she styles her outfits and the way she discusses topics in her writing in order to pull out main ideas and understandings in regards to her persona.

Getting to Know Leandra Medine


A little peak into my brain


Visual Explorations