Hey, I'm Meagan!

My passion lies in approaching graphic design as a social science, designing experiences that are focused on the human and their innate tendencies on the other side of the design. I have a strong curiosity for understanding people and culture. I enjoy designing from an empathetic, culturally aware, and human-focused perspective; creating experiences that impact people’s lives.

I am a futuristic thinker with a love for things from the past (John Hughes films and high-waisted pants included). I ask a lot of questions, most of which start with "I wonder". I love a good serif typeface, cannot say no to a chai tea latte, and am an avid people watcher. 


 Design is...


Design is human centered by nature, it is consumed solely by humans. It requires empathetic thinking and emotionally appropriate decision making. Design shapes human existence and is highly influenced by human nature, requiring a deep understanding of the human experience. 


Design is all encompassing, it is encountered by people from all walks of life on a daily basis. It is a broad practice that has the ability to inform the culture in which it exists and is simultaneously shaped by its surroundings. It is a field that consists of multi-generational, multi-cultural audiences, people from varying social standings and geographical locations. This requires designers to be purveyors of more than just their own culture, having an understanding of cultures from all over the world is essential. 


Design is more than just visual elements, design evokes reactions from all senses. In order to fully immerse someone in a design, designers must make contextually relevant design decisions. Design transforms human engagement by informed decision-making, use of compelling methodologies, and the incorporation of interactivity.  


Design is a social science. Design requires more than just an understanding of design principles, it requires an understanding of the society and context in which it exists, the humans in which it addresses and the content in which it communicates. Design is influenced by research, data and the designers intuition, all of which require designers to try on different hats throughout the design process.