An exploration rooted in the human experience, working to make empathetic and human-centered design decisions. 

An empathetic brand experience


Design Objective

Develop a brand for individuals who suffer with anxiety, being sure that it is diverse enough to handle the anxiety spectrum.

Design Overview

Kä·lm is a branded subscription box that is inspired by my first experience with anxiety. It is a personalized box that has the ability to help each person cope with their unique anxiety experience. When developing the idea for Kä·lm, the first thing that came to mind was just how different each individual who deals with anxious feelings is. Everyone experiences it differently and to a different degree; some suffer with social anxiety others are easily stressed. Kä·lm works to make itself accessible to almost everyone on the spectrum. The personalized subscription kit is delivered straight to your house so there is no need to take an anxious trip to the local store. It works to pair the correct products, scents and use time to each individual, while introducing them to new methods for coping with their anxious feelings. 

Designing For


Jared, 23

A soon to be college graduate who is struggling with the anxieties of transitioning to adult life. He is secretive of his struggles, and is working to maintain a calm state.


Cyndi, 62

She has struggled with generalized anxiety disorder most of her life, her husband has been super helpful in her anxiety journey. But, she still has not-so-good days and is on the hunt for products to help her through her day-to-day life.


packaging Experience

It has been found that reading helps to calm humans down when having feelings of anxiety. The visual language of Kä·lm takes this into consideration by using the pronunciation visual that is often seen in dictionaries. The directions for each product are also featured in the branding of the products, allowing the individual to take a moment to slow their thoughts and read the directions.


There are three main components featured in the directions and brand language. Those are: the length of usage, the scent or flavor, and what the product is. There is a large emphasis on the length of usage so the individuals are able to use the products in different situations, whether they need to calm down quickly or are able to take more time to reach a calm state.


Shades of gray are used as the main brand color palette because gray is known to be a calming color and is neutral on the societal gender spectrum. The scents and flavors are categorized by color to help individuals easily decipher between the scents and flavors when choosing between products.


digital Experience

When subscribing to Kä·lm, individuals will be able to download the Kä·lm mobile application. This app is able to be accessed at any point throughout the day providing users with a variety of other coping mechanisms and allowing them to keep track of their anxious days. The anxiety tracker helps individuals to see what products worked best, how many anxious days they had a month and whether or not their anxiety presents itself in a patterned way. 


Keeping choices within the application limited helps to alleviate unnecessary choice paralysis and anxiety while using the mobile app. Simplifying the user interface also helps in the transition of  the user to a Kä·lm state. 



It was super important to approach the design of Kä·lm from an empathetic standpoint. There are a lot of different things that may trigger an anxious moment, as well as a variety of different ways people work through these feelings. Some individuals get anxious when shopping in store or are anxious about other people knowing that they are anxious. This is why Kä·lm is a subscription mail service with a simple box that does not call attention to it.

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